Wildside e-Liquids are Sophisticated and Exotic Fruit Blends for Your All-Day Vape! If you’re in search of more complex, premium e-liquids, you have have found the right collection!

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NicVape’s new MAX-VG collection includes a hand-picked selection of some of our most popular e-Liquid creations, reformulated to give you the smoothest hit, with the fullest vapor production possible. Rip the Drip, friends!

Rip the Drip


Whether you’re the full-bearded-techno-touting hipster type, or more of a fist-pumping-Billy-Idol-loving-hard-rocker, vapers everywhere know that when it comes to flavor the classics are classic for a reason. The Retro collection delivers throwback, mouthwatering e-juice blends that were born in our past, and definitely here to last.

Classic Flavors
Tradewinds Tobacco™ American E-liquids: Rekindle an old Romance

Tradewinds Tobacco™

If you’re anything like most of us here at NicVape, you were more likely to give up a lung before cutting out that “after-dinner” smoke. The good news is, with Tradewinds tobacco flavored e-liquids, “quitting smoking doesn’t require you to sacrifice your love of tobacco!”

Rekindle an old Romance
Origins American E-liquids


The Origins collection of e-liquids pays homage to the flavors and flavor profiles which helped launch NicVape from its humble beginnings. It’s the dawn of a new era in being smoke-free, and including the tastes of fruits, mints, and creams, Origins has an e-juice favorite for vapers everywhere.

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